Truck Finance

At Southern Cross Finance our aim is to get you your truck finance sorted and you on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Flexible terms
  • Flexible finance solutions. Full doc & low doc solutions
  • Sale & Lease Back
  • Private sales & dealerships welcome
  • Obtain a pre-approval

Truck finance,….What we do for you.

We will keep the process as simple as we can for you.

If you are an experienced operator upgrading your current truck and finance.

Provided you have conducted your current loan well, we can organise finance without financials up to 130% of your current payment (e.g. current payment $2,000.00, new payment can be up to $2,600.00 without financials)

If the payment is more, provided we can present a case that you will be able to afford the increased payment, approval should follow.

If you are an experienced operator, but haven’t had recent finance.

In most cases we need to build a case that shows either of the following:

  1. Current Financial Statements show you can readily afford the repayments
  2. The Truck will increase your income to a level that payments will not be an issue.
  3. The Truck will decrease your expenses to a level that payments will not be an issue.

Our presentation will cover other factors, but in most cases an approval will follow.

If you are short term or new in business.

Getting truck finance approved is simply convincing the Lender that there is very little risk involved in lending you the money.

These include:

  • Do you have a contract for the trucks usage?
  • What experience to you have in operating a truck of the nature
  • Will the equipment be a profit making or expense saving item?
  • Have you costed the truck’s income and expenditure correctly, will the balance earn you a good living?

Personal Questions

  • What is your accommodation situation (home owner, renting, boarding etc?)
  • Have you had previous or current good finance references?
  • Will you have any deposit (either trade in or cash)
  • Do you have any cash reserves to assist you if anything goes wrong (e.g. equipment down for an extended period)
  • Have you been self-employed before in a different industry?
  • Are you stable (i.e. in your current address and or previous employment for a good period of time?)
  • Do you have a cash flow projection to show to business will be viable and profitable.
  • Are the goods appropriate for the work you will be undertaking?

Depending on your situation there may be other factors.

For the best rates available for truck finance, contact Southern Cross finance today.

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