Car Insurance (comprehensive)


Benefits of car insurance:

  • Pay by the month options
  • Rating one protection for life
  • New for old replacement (* Vehicle less than 2 years old where total loss occurs)
  • Agreed or Market value
  • Choice of repairer
  • Hire car available for theft and accident
  • Windscreen cover
  • Multi policy Discounts
  • Variable excess options.


This is the amount you have agreed to pay if you make a claim against the insured policy. This amount may vary based on your age, driver rating etc.

Agreed Value:

It is the value agreed between the customer and the insurer to determine a fair price for the vehicle should a total loss occur. The value is based on the cost of your policy, or details & specifications, age & car etc.

Market Value:

It is the value determined by the car industry. There are car industry standards for vehicles based on their make, model, age, specifications, & condition. The insurer researches these factors & determines the market value for the vehicle.

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