Finance Lease

How it works

With this option, The Lender purchases the vehicle and then leases it to you. You then enjoy the use of the vehicle or equipment for an agreed time in return for lease repayments. You can also lease a vehicle which you have already purchased in the last six months. When the lease expires you can choose to:
  • return the vehicle to the lender who can sell it in the market place (you would need to make up the shortfall if the net sale was less than the agreed residual value); or
  • make an offer to the lender to purchase the vehicle, which they may accept.

Tax deductible

  • Lease payments may be fully tax deductible if the equipment is used solely for earning assessable income. Speak to your accountant for further information about tax benefits.

Manage your cash flow

  • Finance lease gives you immediate access to the vehicle your business needs without a capital outlay so you can put your day-to-day cash flow to better use
  • Tailor the lease payments to suit seasonal cash flow
  • The equipment being leased is normally sufficient security for the lease so your other business assets are not required as security.

Flexible  options

  • Match your lease to the length of time the vehicle is required – lease terms available from 1 to 5 years
  • Make  payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, seasonally or irregular
  • Payments can be made from your nominated bank account, by direct debit or via BPAY
  • Payment costs are fixed once your contract starts so you always know what your repayments will be.

Some of the assets that we finance include:

Agriculture Audio Visual equipment Bus & Coach Boats (Marine)
Butchery Equipment Coffee Machines Cars Cranes Concrete pumping eqip
Earth moving equip Forklifts Food processing equip Fitout (Hospitality & franchise)
Poker machines (Gaming) IT hardware Motor vehicles Mining equipment Medical equipment
Office equipment Photocopiers Point of sale systems Trucks & Trailers Telephone systems (VOIP & PABX) Vending machines